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Rainwater Cisterns

                          Rainwater Harvesting

Wrangle water from the sky for your plants, lawn, garden, washing your car and even watering your livestock. No matter where you live you can utilize rainwater. Collecting and using rainwater has numerous benefits, ranging from improved water quality to reduced stress on underground aquifers.
We at All-Ways Excavating NW, LLC design and install above and below ground cisterns from 55 gal. all the way up to 25,000 gal. systems. Give us a call, I know we can assist you in finding the  right rainwater collection system for your environmentally friendly home or business.

                        Water Conservation Services

Rain Water Collection & Harvesting - System Sales, Installation and Service.
We can set you up with everything from a simple external tank system with a spigot, all the way to
an automatic backup to all your irrigation needs. Prices vary greatly on these systems. Systems for a typical residence range from $500.-$6500.for above ground systems, $2,500-$25,000 for in-ground
systems, with many options available to configure a system to meet individual needs.

                                Irrigation Audits:

We review your current system and recommend changes to make. This makes your stored water
last much longer. Drip irrigation is the preferred method today for all planting beds, shrubs and
ornamental trees.

                           Rain Barrels and Tanks:

Our rain barrels and tank are the best out there.
They are sealed so they are child and animal safe.
They are reasonably priced.
They have a professional looking design which blends easily into your surroundings.

                              Consulting Services:

We offer consulting services to help with your needs.
Ask about our rates and services.
                 Top 5 Reasons to Harvest Rainwater

Plants thrive on this  PH neutral, soft, oxygenated water - unlike municipal water supplies that contain
ammonia, fluoride, and chlorine.
Control moisture levels around the foundation of your home.
Divert water from the municipal storm drain system.
Protect our rivers and streams from runoff pollution.

                                   Did you know!

Lawn and garden watering typically consume 40 percent of total household water use in the summer.
One  inch of rain on one square foot of your roof produces .6 gallons of water.
By catching and using our gutter runoff we reduce ground erosion.
Rainwater harvesting reduces flow to storm water drains and also reduces non-point source pollution.
1000 Gal. Underground Cistern w/drywell Overflow
 Simple Barrel System
 Dual Underground Tanks
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